We Are Being Leveled Up....Are You Ready?

Updated: Jan 19, 2021

INTEGRITY is being demanded and nothing less.....

CAPRICORN says so....

No, but really, we are in a shit ton of Capricorn energy - so much so that everything Capricorn is being expanded!

Integrity is HUGE with Capricorn energy....and nothing less will be tolerated.

I posted about an experience that I had yesterday with someone that was acting out of integrity and when called out....this person deflected, bypassed and then went into an all out character assassination when I didn't comply with this person's version of 'common sense'. I know who I am, and I'm confident in my truth because I've worked and continue to work within myself.

Since this post, I have had several people reach out to me via the post and private message sharing their own experience with this type of energy. Some were able to stand tall in it and some were not.

LISTEN: We are being leveled up....this is a time we are moving into self mastery....and that means a higher level of integrity and service. We cannot truly serve without integrity.

From realastrologers.com:

The highest soul purpose of Capricorn is "to create heaven on earth".

This is it....and everything that is out of balance with this...is being called into question.

Knowing yourself will allow for integrity within oneself....

Your own wounding will prevent you from standing in your truth. It's time to heal these places within ourselves.

We are no longer moving forward....but upward.

Know you, Know your truth, Heal the wounds that are keeping you in a fear cage, and let's move in TRUTH and POWER....of the highest degree!!


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