We are in a Very Fated Time

This week will be a pivotal week in our journey in this lifetime.

What I mean by that is we will be presented doorways to walk through into a new way of BEing and living that will STICK.

We have had clues of this up until now - so if you think about the current programs running in your life and what has been highlighted you most likely will know what this is for you.

Have you ever noticed how seemingly hard it feels to exit yourself from old patterns of sabotage? Whether it be with partners you pick, jobs that aren't fulfilling, addictions that seems to keep sneaking back in?

At this time in our lives, we will be given an opportunities to finally - yes finally leave and exit these patterns. The world, you and I are shifting AND splitting.

Today and this week we get the opportunity to step up and out and finally leave behind our stories that we have lived up until this point.

This week we get to look at how we are portraying ourselves in the world - the archetype we are playing and how we may have been literally spelled into this role.

Many of us have already had clues of this up until this point - and now is the time that new doors will open and old doors will close.

I've said this many, many times that we are in a time of emotional maturity - where we are being given amazing opportunities to under/innerstand what triggers our emotions and how we 'act' when they are triggered. Our solar plexus/emotional center is undergoing a mutation, where we are moving beyond our emotions as a motor center and into an awareness center. To do this, we have had to heal our inner emotional wounds.

Recognizing the past, and what was valuable to bring into the now is key. Moving forward, knowing what and who needs to leave - and grieving that part of ourselves.

Staying and reliving the past out of a sense of nostalgia and unhealed emotional wounds is what keeps us looping.

This week is fated - incredibly fated and we get to start a new journey - one where we will have not a clue where we will end up! lol What we can know though is that as long as we are rooted in ourselves, in our value and trust our inner knowing all is well.

One trusted step forward opens the door to the next - this is all we need to know.

Death is a part of this journey and we have been fooled into fearing it and trying to avoid it with all of our might. When we fear and do not trust all of life is when we aren't really living, because we are just looping.

In trust & love,


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