We are in the End of an Age - What Does This Mean?

As we approach one of the most powerful aspects in Astrology this year with Jupiter meeting up with Neptune in Pisces in April, I started to get curious about the experience we have had over the past 11 years with Neptune in Pisces. Neptune started his journey in Pisces in 2011 and will be here until 2025 when Neptune will start a new 164 year cycle, but not without him backing up for a few months into Pisces again later in 2025 to permanently cross the Aries threshold in January of 2026.

What has happened in your life and in the world since 2011? The rise of Spirituality, the increasing division of the people & families due to the ideological fighting amongst us. Neptune in Pisces is the final curtain call of a 164 year long cycle and it's where we get to face our deepest delusions and free ourselves from them or dive deeper into mental decay and obscurity.

It's no wonder the term 'shadow work' has made it's way into the collective over the last 11 years. The ones who have done and are doing the inner work are the ones who will be set free at the end of all of this. The ones who say they are but really aren't, and the ones who are oblivious to their own shadow but yet point the finger at everyone else's shadow will be left in the wake of the time we are in.

We cannot identify true darkness and 'evil' if we have not yet recognized it within ourselves.

Neptune is the planet of dreams & delusions. Escapism, mysticism, illusion, deception, spirituality, religion, magic & intuition. It's easy to get lost here if we don't know our way through the 'fog'.

Neptune is the modern ruler of Pisces - a water sign known for it's mystical and spiritual nature. Jupiter is the traditional ruler of Pisces. Jupiter, being the biggest planet, is the planet of expansion, exaggeration, BIGness - everything that Jupiter touches it grows larger. This can be both positive and negative depending on what that is.

The last time Neptune & Jupiter co-mingled in Pisces was on March 17, 1856. The U.S. was extremely divided with the democrats being pro-slavery & individual state rights and the whigs being the abolitionists. The civil war did not start for a few more years however a new political party, the republicans, was birthed during this time.

We can see that similar energies are at play today in our political sphere with mostly the democrats being pro mandates, and the republicans mostly being the 'freedom' fighters. There is a new 'political' energy being birthed through all of this and I wonder if a new political party will come from this time as well? Perhaps one that holds the highest ideals from both parties?

Time will tell I suppose.

The previous cycle before the build up to the civil war was in 1692. This was the time of the Witch Trials. I find it interesting that Neptune was at 17 degrees Pisces during these two times that I'm mentioning. During this current cycle we are in Neptune was at 17 Pisces when the C - ovid performance came onto the scene.

The energy of 17 Pisces is that of a "Public Performance - to align the people for a specific outcome".

The key to Neptune is to rise above the delusion to tune into the higher octave at play. If we take what we see, & hear at surface value alone we will be duped.

The theme I am sensing into with the last 3 times in history that this transit has happened is that of being duped into division based on certain ideologies for a specific outcome.

So the question is, what is the higher octave of what we see playing out? Only you can answer this for yourself. I know what it is for me and I choose to hold true and stand in my own values.

Astrology can give us a sneak peak into the future when we can look into the history to see what was at play during similar transits. While it may not predict 100% what may happen - we can know the season that we are in by the signs in the heavens.

As with any Neptune transit, we will not understand the ramifications until after he moves into Aries which we will get a taste of in 2025. We won't understand until at least into 2026 and beyond when Neptune isn't wobbling between Pisces and Aries.

Pisces is the end - the end of a cycle - the end of a way of being and we are being birthed into a new form. After the haze wears off, much like the next morning after a drunken night out we can start to reflect back and ask ourselves 'what happened over these last years?'

We will however be what we idealize after this time. I've said over and over and over again that this time that we are in is about emotional maturity, mutation of our solar plexus and who we are at the end of this cycle will be determined by our connection to spirit.

Our connection to Spirit is EVERYTHING and our overall emotional resonance reveals this, not only to ourselves but there will be no hiding it when Neptune reaches the end of his journey in Pisces.

What we focus on over these next few years will be revealed in and on our faces come 2026. Literally.



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