WHAT IS Human Design?

We as humans love to learn about ourselves....look at how many personality quizzes we can take on various social media outlets to all the personality tests such as Myers Briggs, Enneagram, Disc, and so many more.

Human Design is another tool of self discovery that in my experience goes far and beyond any other self awareness tool. It is a synthesis of several modalities including Astrology, Kabbalah, the Hindu Chakra System, and the I-Ching. A person can use only the basics of Human Design such as the Type, Strategy & Authority and live a more aligned life than most people could even imagine - and a person could dive in as deep as they wish to within HD to understand their own unique dietary how to' s, correct environment for them and even what motivates and drives their behavior correctly.

I started studying Human Design in 2017 and it has helped me within my parenting journey, my own self acceptance journey and now I get to help others within their parenting and life as well! I consider it an honor to practice this beautiful and powerful modality and help lead others home to themselves.

Did you know that your human design bodygraph contains 64 possible archetypes or gates with a line number (a grouping of 6 possible lines) that accompanies each gate or archetype? Each line is a specific trait that informs how each gate or archetype is expressed. -->> Our DNA code contains 64 Codons with 6 groups of amino acids per codon! By activating your own Human Design chart you are literally activating your DNA!

The moment you were born, each planet is in the exact alignment with one gate and one line. The planets imprint you with the information that the neutrinos (star matter) are carrying at that exact moment. Neutrinos are teeny, tiny particles that essentially come from planet and star matter. Thousands of BILLIONS of neutrinos pass through every inch of your body in every second of the day carrying information that penetrates your body. This information activates your DNA by turning on the gates on your unique HD bodygraph.

Pretty cool, eh?

I think so!

Information is written in the stars - literally!

In 2015, Takaaki Kajita and Arthur B. McDonald won the Nobel Prize in physics “for the discovery of neutrino oscillations, which shows that neutrinos have mass”.

You can read more about that if you wish HERE.

Human Design is a powerful tool that can be used to further evolve your life in any way or aspect that you wish. I use it primarily for self - knowledge, inner child healing and parenting and I help others in those areas as well.

Have you had a Human Design Reading?

What is your Type, your Strategy and Authority and What is one of your superpowers according to your design?

P.S. If you book your Human Design reading with me in July you will receive 10% off my regular rate (even if you need to schedule in August or September as long as it's booked and paid before the end of July) This is a GREAT WAY to understand YOU and create less resistance in your life by becoming more aligned and in tune to your own unique design!

All you need to do is respond to this email and let me know you would like a reading!

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