What IS Human Design? Is it Real?

So just WHAT IS Human Design?

Some people know it as just another tool of self discovery.

Some people know it as a crazy story by a guy that was living in a cave that heard 'the voice'.

Some people know it and live it as their actual blueprint in this life and experiment with their design everyday.

So as I further my studies into this wonderful tool of discovery....this science of differentiation - I wanted to take you on a journey.

This is a journey into the inner workings of YOU and how the universe conspires for you to not only know yourself, but to give yourself permission to BE yourself.

Once upon a time....on the island of Ibiza (off the coast of Spain) - the Human Design system was given to a man that we know today as Ra Uru Hu. This was an 8 day transmission that started on January 3, 1987. Ra had deliberately left civilization and all of it's modern day conveniences behind to live alone in a stone ruin on Ibiza. When he came home one day to his stone ruin, it was illuminated from within....he entered (I'm not sure if I would have entered or not tbh...lol) and was commanded to sit down and write what Ra referred to as 'the Voice' had to say.

According to Ra, it was a terrifying experience. I can't even imagine....can you?

The Voice that spoke to Ra informed him that neutrinos (star matter) were imprinting devices and that they could deliver activating information from the stars to us. He often used the metaphor that it was like a red car scraping a white one and leaving its paint behind while at the same time picking a little white paint along to deposit on the next one.

The Human Design System starts with the Neutrino. The neutrino had been studied since the early 1900's but what the Voice had told Ra was information that had not yet been proven in the scientific community. He was informed that the Neutrino, which is star matter actually carries matter and imprints what ever it moves through with information. It also takes some of our information and continues to move, imprinting and picking up new information as it moves almost at the speed of light.

On June 5, 1998, at the Neutrino 1998 Conference in Takayama, Japan...it was announced that neutrinos actually did have mass!!

What an amazing discovery and one that confirmed what Ra was told by the Voice 11 years prior. Science was now catching up with God. :)

The Sun gives off 70% of neutrinos along with the Earth. The planetary bodies absorb neutrinos but do not create them as only stars create them. It is noted that Jupiter was a 'failed star' and does emit about 3% of the neutrinos.


The moment you were born.....the neutrinos imprinted YOU INSTANTLY with the information of the last body of matter that they had been in contact with. For example, if a neutrino passes through the planet Mars, Venus, Neptune, etc and then you....you are left with an imprint of the frequency of these planets that each neutrino passes through before it moves through you. How REMARKABLE!!

Stars ACTUALLY emit & carry information (Sun being the main one at 70%) that we are impacted by....every single moment of every single day!

This is how our Astrology Charts, Human Design Charts are calculated....and this is why precise timing is important. After the neutrino field emanates from the stars and moves through the universe at a close to light speed, it passes through the planets and imprints the next physical mass it meets, which is the next person being born....at that second and that, my friends, will be their conscious awareness.

The Human Design System has 2 moments of neutrino imprinting, one when you are born and the other one is 88/89 days before or 88 degrees of the Sun. This is when the brain is developed enough that it can take the Personality Crystal.

So....did any of that land for you? Some of it? None of it? Don't worry....it may take a little time if this is the first time you are receiving this.

Human Design is a synthesis of established science (physics, biochemistry & genetics) & ancient knowledge such as the I Ching, Astrology, Hindu Chakra System (centers) & the Kabbalistic Tree of Life (centers & channels)

Human Design is truly known as the Science of Differentiation.

It's designed as the ultimate tool for knowing yourself. It's not just the knowing of yourself that is important....it's also the experimentation of who you are that really solidifies the knowing. This is what makes Human Design stand out from any other modality. This is why I love learning more and more about this intricate and beautiful system. This is why I love helping others see into themselves - by highlighting the aspects of themselves that they may have known on some level but perhaps haven't truly recognized....yet.

Allowing yourself the time and grace to look into yourself is one of the greatest gift we can offer ourselves - and others!

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Erin :)

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