Why Do We Believe a Lie?

Updated: Jan 19

We have been told the numbers are being fabricated.

Most of the hospitals are not overrun and there are empty hospital beds, and that has been proven.

The media has been caught misrepresenting people and situations.

The same person is showing up dead in more than one place due to this C virus. How does that happen??

The CDC made a bold statement and told doctors to classify non- covid deaths as covid.

Bill Gates is wanting global inoculation of his vaccine or certain freedoms will be taken from us. This is called medical tyranny.

It goes on and on.....

And yet, there are people that still believe and make excuses for these HUGE inconsistencies. Why?

Why do we believe a lie and why do we believe liars?

We are all in a state of shock, and awe - pain, anxiety and overwhelm. Our nervous systems are heightened and according to the Mayo Clinic, “Refusing to acknowledge that something is wrong is a way of coping with emotional conflict, stress, painful thoughts, threatening information and anxiety.” With denial, we can reassure ourselves that everything is okay, even when it is not.

Denial is a way of soothing ourselves when it feels too dangerous to accept the truth.

"We believe lies when we feel too vulnerable to allow the truth and its consequences to manifest in our lives. When truth does emerge, we often feel terribly betrayed and we can lose faith in our own ability to make good judgments. To protect against this pain, we sometimes continue lying to ourselves long after reality seems unavoidable."

~ F. Diane Barth - Psychotherapist

I know that in my life I have done the same thing....I have believed friends, intimate partners, my children, politicians because at times it's too painful to admit the truth to myself.

Denying the truth allows us to stay in a make-believe world, but the long term effects can be and often are disastrous.

It is a self-protective mechanism that we learn when we are very young. If a child does not feel safe with their caretakers, parents, teachers, pastors, etc. it's too dangerous to the child's psyche to fully admit that to themselves. What happens is that they will internalize it....they will learn to do the 'please love me dance' by changing their own behavior in an attempt to 'please' the adult in order to feel safe. The child changes their behavior to be 'good enough' in the hopes that will make them feel safe.

Denying the truth that the caretaker is not safe is a coping mechanism for a child.

When we are an adult and we have not recognized this mechanism and how it plays out we are literally still acting like a child and doing the 'please love me dance' for others. It's the ultimate form of co-dependence and it's incredibly unhealthy and it's what allows us to stay in toxic relationships.

It is not possible to live in full integrity when we are denying the truth and ultimately lying to ourselves.