You are Being Setup!

This month is all about being SETUP -

In reality every day the energies are preparing us for the next day and so on....

The month of September is RIPE for shifting....I haven't seen energies like this for a very long time. Do you remember your life from 2017-2018? I just had an intuitive hit that it's similar to these changes and that the changes that had to happen then to bring you to where you are now and this is the WHY energies of that time. IF you can surrender into what God/Universe/Spirit and frankly your higher evolved self is showing will begin to enter into this new space and your new form with a sense of compassion for yourself, understanding why situations over the past 4 or so years had to work themselves out in this way, etc.

Also, if there are any situations that you have not resolved from 2017-2018....perhaps a job that you knew was sucking your soul but you are still in it and haven't made any changes, or perhaps it's a relationship that you are still clinging to out of either fear or hope, or anything else that you KNEW then was not in the highest alignment for you then you may get hit pretty hard this month and next. How you choose to show up for this now has EVERYTHING to do with the lens or perspective you choose to see it through.

HUGE TIP: Have as much of your situations in order by Sept. 20th. Make the shifts you need to make...and you KNOW the shifts I'm mentioning here. These are shifts you've been resisting. Making them now in this time will help to set you up for the last part of this Month and into the next.

This is the time - if you have been waiting to do what you need to do - to do what Spirit has laid on your heart for a long time - to make those necessary shifts to liberate your soul so that you can rise up and enter into this new world with grace.

p.s. I had not intended on writing what I wrote above when I started this. This was channeled through me in the NOW - for the NOW....for myself and for YOU. Take what resonates and leave the rest.

The answers that you seek will find you - the ones that are meant for you will find you. You do not have to DO ANYTHING other than ask the question and then be open to receive the answer by paying attention. Don't be afraid to ask for help from another person or situation....the realization that you may not have all that you need to make the shifts you need to make is real - and therefore who is able to help you?

Clarity will this....your mind does not need to direct you to find the answers. Ask and what is meant for you will come - this is about a deep knowing and trusting.

More to come -

P.S. If you missed the Energies of Sept 4-8th read that HERE.

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