You are Lying to Yourself

I had an amazing conversation with Chana Studley. She is a woman who has taken her chronic pain & fear and and has turned them into a force for healing.

Chana was violently mugged 3 different times in the 1980's when she was living in England. The first time she was mugged, her skull was fractured and she still has a reminder of that incident when she puts her finger to that part of her head where she can feel where the bones re-joined. The second time she was attacked, it was by 3 men who drug her to the ground and beat the living snot out of her. She literally thought she was going to die as they left her lying there in a pile of her own blood, tears and pain. The third time, she was cycling when a 16 year old decided to throw a bicycle at her head and her neck was broken because of it. She didn't know that her neck was broken until 2 years later when all of these physical traumas culminated into a deep mental and physical darkness that kept her in prison.

"It was in the early 80s. And PTSD was only just going into the DSM at that time the psychologists and social workers use for diagnosis. So all I got was a cup of tea and go home. Basically, that was you know, that was my treatment. And consequently I got stuck in in really awful thinking very dark plac