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These are sessions that are unique and tailored to you - based on your Astrology & Human Design Blueprint and your unique situations in your life that have led you to this moment. I will take you through the ultimate journey of healing yourself, through going back in time and integrating all of the fragmented pieces and parts of yourself. These sessions are for you if you are tired of reacting to life and want to learn how to consciously respond. These sessions are for you if you are ready to move into a more expanded version of yourself and desire to show up for yourself and everything/everyone in your life in a new way. These sessions are for you if you are beginning on your self discovery path AND if you feel like you have done everything and nothing seems to work! These are the methods I have done for myself since 2015. I will caution you - if you want to argue for your limitations these sessions are not for you. I will not help you argue for your limitations - I will help you take responsibility for you and therefore empower you to show up for yourself in a new and powerful way. You will learn how to embrace your power, and acknowledge yourself in ways that you have always wished others could. When you start doing this for yourself by healing all of the fragmented and abandoned parts of yourself you become a new person - a whole person and your life will begin to change. Change starts on the inside - and this is an inner transformation at the very core. 3 Month Minimum - Pricing will be based on length of time and frequency of sessions. Contact me if you would like to learn more.

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Please contact 24 hours in advance to reschedule or cancel. Thank you!

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