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RE-pattern the Fabric of Your Life

6 Month Program with optional In-Person Retreat

Can you relate to this?

     * you feel a dissatisfaction in your job, the inauthentic nature of your work, your relationships, etc.

     * you sabotage your efforts when making a change in your life....(2 steps forward...1....or 3 steps back)

     * you go through the motions in life and are mostly in survival mode

     * you lack confidence making decisions for yourself 

How would it FEEL to:


     * experience a deeper, richer life where you are living life from an intentional place vs. just going 

        through the motions


     * TRUST yourself...with every situation that arises in your life. 

     * KNOW your mission in this life and live from that place.

     * KNOW yourself....and FULLY accept yourself.


     * REPROGRAM your beliefs that are holding you back and RE-PATTERN the fabric of your


Awaken to the magic that is within you and all around you by saying YES to YOU in 2020!  

All it takes is a definite decision that you will no longer accept anything less than what you are….a supernatural being living in a magical world full of endless possibilities!  


I use tools that allow me to see your original blueprint and design so that I can help guide you back home to you.  You will learn how your soul is desiring to express itself, what your mission is in this lifetime, and what your challenges are to overcome.  From this place you will begin to embody yourself, and learn to make decisions from a place of trust vs. fear.   You will ultimately learn how to show up for yourself in a new and confident way! 

By saying YES to Re-patterning the Fabric of Your Life you will have the clarity and confidence within yourself to navigate the waters of your life!


Read what some of my clients are saying about working with me: 

"I have never had the truth so clear as when I sat with Erin. Things I have been plagued by forever were finally given form and definition.  Thank you Erin!"  ~ Holly Gardner

”In just two, yes two, sessions I have already had major breakthroughs of why I self sabotage and ways that I can work through those thoughts. To say I am excited for the rest of this journey is an understatement.” ~Carrie Ott Devine

“By me changing and challenging myself through Erin’s program I am now able to shine my light brighter, and find truth of my "purpose" which also affects those I am around and gives freedom to them as well as myself to seek your own truth, and own your own light." ~Tammy Sloane Kloss

“The work has been hard but it's been worth it!  I now feel excited about my future and what it holds.  Because of Erin and the work I've done with the program I finally know that I am strong enough to succeed in my life and achieve my dreams!”  Kathy Harn

Re-Patterning the Fabric of Your Life is 6 months in length and includes:

~ 1 / 45 min jumpstart call where we get clear on your intentions and energetically lay the foundation to

    your new beginning

~ 3 / 45 min 1-1 exclusive calls per month

~ Unlimited E-mail access to me

~ Option of adding on a 2 night / 3 day retreat in the beautiful mountains of North Carolina!

This is an experience that will change your life forever.  If you are ready to say YES to you then e-mail me at to set up a free 30 min call to see if this is a correct fit for you!  You have nothing to lose and your whole life to gain! 


It's Written in the Stars

Astrology Birth Chart Reading

Astrology is a tool to know oneself.....


I will take you through the journey of your personal astrology chart where you will learn more about the supportive energies at play as well as the challenging ones. 


I will go through your personal planets and the aspects that influence you as well as Chiron (The Wounded Healer) so that you understand the challenge that you were born with are are meant to overcome in this lifetime.  

You will walk away


Knowing how the current energies and astrological transits are affecting our lives allows us to partner with life in a new and empowered way.  Too often we are shaken by the circumstances of our life and feel dis-empowered, fearful and on shaky ground.  


I will take you into your birth chart and show you how these aspects (below) are aiding you in your growth and helping you vs. hurting and hindering you! 

Look below, Is there a major transit happening that you would like more awareness in how it is showing up for you in your life so that you can be prepared and feel empowered?   Retrogrades and other planetary aspects are here FOR our growth....when we know what to expect we can show up for ourselves in a powerful way! 

2020 Astrology

Mercury Retrogrades

February 17- March 10  (Pisces)

June 18 - July 12  (Cancer)

October 14 - November 4  (Scorpio/Libra)

Venus Retrograde  (Gemini)

May 13 - June 25 (with shadow starting April 10)

Mars Retrograde  (Aries)

September 9 - November 14

Jupiter Retrograde   (Capricorn)

May 14 - September 13

Saturn Retrograde (Aquarius)

May 11 - September 29 (Aquarius/Capricorn)

Pluto Retrograde (Capricorn)

April 25 - October 4

Neptune Retrograde (Pisces)

June 23 - November 29

Uranus Retrograde (Taurus)

August 16 - January 14, 2021

North / South Node enter Gemini and Sagittarius

Nodal shifts indicate a change in direction in our lives....going from something and towards destiny.  Often referred to as destiny points. 

May 5th, 2020 - January 18th 2022


Eclipses signify a time of rapid shifting in our lives....internally and externally.  These times can feel abrupt and sometimes a bit scary.  Ultimately they are FOR our growth and are leading us into a greater state of awareness and maturity.  

January 10th (Lunar in Cancer)

June 5th (Lunar in Sagittarius)

June 21st (Solar in Cancer)

July 5th (Lunar in Capricorn)

November 30th (Lunar in Gemini)

December 14th (Solar in Sagittarius)


Human Design is a logical system that brings together principles of The I Ching, Astrology, Kabbalah, Quantum Physics, etc.  Learning what a few of the foundational pieces are that are in your chart will allow you to know how to make decisions that are correct for you (no more second guessing yourself).  You will also learn what your role/purpose is in this lifetime and what the energy is that you are here to embody so that you can walk in your truth.  Human design is a roadmap, a blueprint or manual of who you are meant to be so that you can finally give yourself permission to BE yourself.  


You will understand your aura, learn how you have been conditioned, learn how to make decisions that are correct for you and your incarnation cross which is the path or story that you are designed to live out in this life. 


Are you emotional defined?   If you don't know then the first step is to do a Foundational Human Design Reading.  Being emotionally defined can be quite a challenge in life.  To make decisions that are correct for us has everything to do with our emotional wave.  Not knowing how to navigate the wave can wreak havoc on our relationships, self esteem and our overall quality of emotional fulfillment.   Our overall satisfaction in life will be determined by how well we navigate the highs and lows of the wave.  


I am emotionally defined and it was an amazing day when I learned this about myself.  I had spent many years feeling confused, and having shame around my intense emotions and often taking them out on loved ones.  I am passionate about helping others navigate the high highs and the low lows that can come with being an emotionally defined individual.  


Coming Soon - Inquire about this if you are interested to learn more


I am an advocate for CBD and the incredible benefits that are available by consuming this plant.  


As a single mama of 3 amazing kiddos I’m incredibly grateful for the passive income that I generate just from sharing this plant with others. 


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