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RE-pattern the Fabric of Your Life

-A 6 Month Deep Dive Experience 


Can you relate to this?

You have said to yourself :


'There has to be more to this life than what I'm living and experiencing!' 


     * you feel a general in-authenticity in the nature of your life, your work,and your relationships, etc.

     * you sabotage your efforts when making a change in your life....and have started to give up! (2 steps              forward...1....or 3 steps back)

     * you feel as if you are mostly in survival mode most days

     * you lack confidence making decisions for yourself (second-guessing your choices)

     * you desire more purposeful and intentional living but just aren't sure how to truly embody these                    aspects of yourself

How would it FEEL to:


     * Experience a deeper, richer life where you are living life from an intentional place vs. just going 

        through the motions


     * TRUST yourself...with every situation that arises in your life. 

     * KNOW your mission in this life and live from that place.

     * KNOW yourself....and FULLY accept yourself.


     * REPROGRAM the beliefs that are holding you back and Come Home to Yourself!

Awaken to the magic that is within you and all around you by saying YES to YOU!  

All it takes is a definite decision that you will no longer accept anything less than what you are….a supernatural being living in a magical world full of endless possibilities!  


I use Astrology and Human Design as tools that allow me to see your original blueprint and design so that I can help guide you back home to you.  You will learn how your soul is desiring to express itself, what your mission is in this lifetime, and what your challenges are to overcome.  The journey doesn't stop there - as I've found that INTEGRATION of all that you will learn about yourself is KEY to lasting TRANSFORMATION!  From this place, you will begin to embody yourself and learn to make decisions from a place of trust vs. fear.   This program will change the trajectory of your life! 


You will ultimately learn how to show up for yourself in a new and confident way! 

By saying YES to Re-patterning the Fabric of Your Life you will have the peace, clarity and confidence within yourself to navigate the storms of your life!


Read what some of my clients are saying about working with me: 

"I have never had the truth so clear as when I sat with Erin. Things I have been plagued by forever were finally given form and definition.  Thank you Erin!"  ~ Holly Gardner

”In just two, yes two, sessions I have already had major breakthroughs of why I self-sabotage and ways that I can work through those thoughts. To say I am excited for the rest of this journey is an understatement.” ~Carrie Ott Devine

“By me changing and challenging myself through Erin’s program I am now able to shine my light brighter, and find the truth of my "purpose" which also affects those I am around and gives freedom to them as well as myself to seek your own truth, and own your own light." ~Tammy Sloane Kloss

“The work has been hard but it's been worth it!  I now feel excited about my future and what it holds.  Because of Erin and the work I've done with the program I finally know that I am strong enough to succeed in my life and achieve my dreams!”  Kathy Harn

Re-Patterning the Fabric of Your Life is 6 months in length and includes:

~ 1 / 45 min jumpstart call where we get clear on your intentions and energetically lay the foundation to

    your new beginning

~ 2 / 1 hour  / 1-1 exclusive calls per month (Astrology, Human Design & Integration)

~ Unlimited WhatsApp access to me

~ Option of adding on a private 1-1 / 2 night / 2 day retreat in the beautiful mountains of North Carolina!


~ BONUS - WEEKLY frequency healing sessions 

This is an exclusive high-level offering and it is for the person who is READY to stop arguing for their limitation and step into their GENIUS!  

This is an experience that will change your life forever! 


If you are ready to say YES to you then head to my WORK WITH ME- START HERE page to schedule a free 30 min call to see if this is a correct fit for you! 

You have nothing to lose and your whole life to gain!

CLICK 'WORK WITH ME-START HERE' at the top of the page to set up an alignment call for this program.  

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