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Astrology + Human Design + Coaching

Know YOUR Blueprint


Mini Reading Astrology

20-30 Minute Astrology Mini-Reading that can be done over the phone or recorded and sent to you.  Perfect for any transit coming up that you want to prepare for! 


Mini Reading Human Design

20-30 Minute Human Design reading where we can delve into your Aura, the correct way for you to make decisions, your purpose in this life, correct eating style, your hidden superpower strength, etc!  


Full Reading Astrology 

60-75 Minute Astrology Reading.   Do you want to know more about yourself, your Karma, your Dharma, Core Wounding?   You will leave this session understanding yourself better! $177

Full Human Design Reading

90 Minute Human Design Reading where we will go through each of the 9 centers, you will understand how to decondition, your Aura, how you make decisions, your purpose, your correct eating style....everything a mini-reading and much more!  


Astrology Class

Coming Soon! 

Human Design Class

In Progress...

Recorded Class coming soon!  

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Payment will be made before session is completed.  

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