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Where Conscious Parenting + Human Design Collide

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To Parent in this New World Means Showing Up for our Kids in a New Way! 


Can You Imagine:

How it would have felt for you as a child if you were taught how to make correct decisions for yourself?  Not according to everyone else - but for you?  


How it would have felt for you as a child if you were given full permission to be yourself?


How it would have felt for you as a child to have been supported in your own individuation process?


How it would have felt for you as a child to learn how to say NO for yourself AND to know that your NO was honored?


How would it feel for you NOW as a parent to KNOW that you are showing up for your child in the highest and most authentic way possible?


How would it feel for you NOW as a parent to be able to step out of the ‘parent - guilt’  trap and step into feeling EMpowered with your child?


How would it feel for you NOW as a parent to be able to respond vs. react when you feel triggered with your child?  


How would your parenting be different if you felt more competent & confident?  


How would it feel to know that there are other parents out there who are ready to step out of the straight line, old paradigm, power over parenting model - Just Like YOU are?


Sovereign Kids is an 8 month, transformational and groundbreaking course that will help you become the parent

and person that you always wanted to be.  This course will help you to cultivate peace, compassion & connection within your parenting. 


This is done by first acknowledging that in order to create peace within your parenting you need to make peace with your own parenting past.  By taking these steps to acknowledge the unmet needs within yourself, and learning how to now meet these needs, you are then able to create the foundation to show up for your child(ren) the way that you desire to & the way that your children need you to.  

From there you are able to learn communication styles that will empower your child(ren) and yourself, create family values that are in full alignment with who you are, learn how to create boundaries that come from these values, and start to become aware of you and your child's medicine that you naturally bring into this world!  

When you can make peace within your past, heal your inner children, acknowledge and meet your needs and get clear on your own soul story, you are then equipped to be the parent you desire!   Parenting becomes 'easier', and as you create more space within yourself, you are triggered less & your confidence as a parent grows!

If you desire to raise a sovereign child, then you - yourself must become sovereign and the only way to do this is to heal your own emotional wounds that are still taking up residence within you.  

Topics We Will Be Covering

Inner Child Meditations & Visualizations (3 - infant, toddler and grade-school age)


Past Parenting Patterns that we grew up with - Power Over vs. Empowered & How that Affects our Parenting Now


Making Peace with Your Parenting Past


Empowered Conversations with Your Child - Learn How to Connect Through Communication


Creating Personal & Family Values & Boundaries that Stick


Becoming Aware of Your Childhood Story and Re-Writing It


Learning how to Recognize Triggers & Awareness on How to Heal When These Come Up


Yours & Your Child's Inherited Mother & Father Wounds in your Human Design Chart


Emotional IQ & Emotional Center Essentials for this New Age


You & Your Child's Type & Authority & What That Means for Your Parenting 


Empowering Your Child to be in Their Authority to Make Decisions Correct for Them - Planting the Seeds Now! 


Guiding Your Child to be Who they Are by Knowing the Medicine they Carry Within Them (you as well)


P.E.A.C.E. Process 

I Want to Raise Sovereign Kids!

Due to the nature of this course there will be a qualifying process.  Fill out the form below and I will connect with you to see if you are a good fit for the course! 

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