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Erin believes in creating a world where life isn't a battleground...it's a playground of possibility, and in that space, self-sabotage is transmuted into self-mastery. 



Erin is a Master Possibility Coach, Speaker, Author, and Mom on a mission to empower women by using questions instead of gurus or google to evoke the curiosity and courage that it takes to live a fulfilled and aligned life. 

She is often coined as the 'Question Queen'.  She has earned that title by living by the mantra: life is a mystery to be lived and not a problem to be solved.  When you spend time with Erin, you'll begin to naturally see and remove the misbeliefs and blocks that you once thought you had, and she will guide you to the answers that are within you so that you can tap into your own infinite playground of possibility. 

"What else is possible that you have never even imagined?"

Erin calls this the Life is a Playground of Possibility Movement.

The Mission

To activate women and parents into a deeper understanding of themselves and their children so they can begin to live from a space of conscious choice, deep intimacy, and profound fulfillment.

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Below are Erin's most powerful talks, however she can speak to Astrology and Human Design and how she uses them as tools to disrupt our unconscious programming. Erin customizes every talk to ensure that it resonates deeply with each audience.

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  • BADASS WOMEN who aren't afraid to dive deep into themselves and create a fulfilling life.

  • PARENTS desiring peace and a deeper connection and cooperation with their children.

"Erin is an energizing, dynamic, and engaging speaker.  Her presence on stage is comforting, empowering and uplifting.  Her message speaks to the heart while inspiring us to take responsibility for our lives and make the changes necessary to live our most fulfilling, authentic lives.  I am grateful for the opportunity to learn from Erin's talk as she brings practicality and simplicity to her depth of knowledge.  I highly recommend Erin for any stage as she will blow your audience away! "  ~Jess Bubbico - Intuitive and Certified Human Design Coach

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