"Your insight in this group page is incredible and very enlightening. I'm thankful to have lightworker sisters like you who push me to think differently."


~Elizabeth Beals

"Seriously, if you haven't taken Erin Elizabeth up on this offer yet, you should really do so!!!! I mean unless you need absolutely no self work and your life is complete daisies.....Then I suppose you might not benefit from it. But I am pretty sure that is about .0000001% of the population, sooooo, yeah, join!!"


~Sara Furtado

"After just one month, I have begun to set boundaries. I have been standing up for myself with my family and at work, which feels absolutely incredible!


I have also been doing a lot of journaling to find the wounding or perhaps programming is a good word, because really it is a sort of programming, which I am beginning to rewrite.


There is so much more.


I love that Erin, asks permission to call me on my self doubt, then after giving permission, she provides the kindest reminders by asking questions to make me think."


~ Amy Chase

“The opportunity to work with Erin Esser is truly a gift! I have previously worked with therapists/counselors who have used their knowledge and experience in a “I know what’s best for you” kind of way.  This approach left me feeling dependent on them and unsure of myself.


Erin uses her vast knowledge and experience to help me better understand who I am and then guides me to find my own answers within.


I feel heard and valued in our conversations and most importantly empowered to live life in my own unique way!” 


~Ellen Slater

”In just two, yes two, sessions I have already had major breakthroughs of why I self sabotage and ways that I can work through those thoughts. To say I am excited for the rest of this journey is an understatement.”


~Carrie Ott Devine

“By me changing and challenging myself through Erin’s program I am now able to shine my light brighter, and find truth of my "purpose" which also affects those I am around and gives freedom to them as well as myself to seek your own truth, and own your own light."


~Tammy Sloane Kloss

“I came into this coaching wanting one specific thing & left with a greater understanding of so much more! Not only did it help me but I was able to take what I learned & implement it with helping others in my life!”


~Jessica Froke

“I’m so grateful for your wisdom and guidance. You are so inspirational it makes me want to cry.” 


~Sandy May

"Working with Erin...... where do I begin?  


Commonly, in the past, with other readers, I would leave a session with so much information I would feel almost more confused than when I started.


I had been consulting astrologers for years but I have never had the truth so clear as when I sat with Erin.


Things I have been plagued by forever were finally given form and definition.


Being able to finally identify my deamons allowed them to die and I gained such strength to be my own person and no longer be responsible for others.


Life saving. There are just no words. Thank you Erin."


~ Holly Gardner

“The work has been hard but it's been worth it!  I now feel excited about my future and what it holds.  Because of Erin and the work I've done with the program I finally know that I am strong enough to succeed in my life and achieve my dreams!” 


~ Kathy Harn

“After working with Erin, I feel free, open, my cup is full.  I can enjoy my life again!”


~ Kristin Sullivan

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