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Your Journey Home 

Let's dig into who YOU ARE so that YOU can begin to give yourself permission to



ATTN:  Your Journey Home is a shorter and 'lighter version' of Re-Patterning the Fabric of Your Life (9 months)


- if you want a deeper dive that addresses inner child, shadow work, addressing the inner critic, and deep re-programming of patterns that I suggest taking a look at that service.  


What you will receive by investing in yourself today:
- 2 90 minute calls digging into your unique HD and Astrology Charts
- 2 60 minute calls integrating your NEW TRUTHS 
- Understanding your Karmic loops, your Core Wounding, and your Dharma (purpose/mission)
- Understanding how you are to make decisions for yourself that are aligned and authentic to you. 
- You will receive an ACCURATE MIRROR to who you are so that you can finally start showing up for yourself differently by giving yourself permission to be yourself - Self Acceptance! 
- You will get access to ME for 8 weeks to help you integrate your new truths!  


What would it feel like to have accountability and someone that you can help you walk through this process?  


By investing in yourself today you will walk away after 8 weeks with a newfound knowing of who you are and your purpose in this world.  


You will understand and be able to work with how to make decisions for yourself.  You will understand what has been keeping you in your karmic looping patterns and how to move through the wounding that is keeping you there.  


SELF acceptance is KEY to living a fulfilled life where you feel satisfied as your head hits the pillow at night! 


What else is possible that you have never even imagined?  



Invest in yourself today!