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Activating Your Soul Story

Until you acknowledge your childhood story and your inner beliefs around who you think you are, you will never be the parent you desire to be, and you will never live the life and come into the purpose that you were destined for.    

If you are experiencing any strain in your relationship and level of connection with your children, the first place that you must start as a parent is the acknowledgment of your own childhood story.  


So that you can finally ACTIVATE your Soul Story and SING from that space! 

What you have manifested in your life is the effect of the beliefs and thoughts that you have about yourself.  When you experience any pain, hurt or disconnection with your children then it's critical that you look to your own childhood to see what has rooted in so that you can gain a new perspective.  

You will repeat patterns of your past until you make peace with your past. 


This involves acknowledging and becoming aware of your childhood story.   The purpose isn't to blame or shame your caregivers, they are human and these needs cannot always be met by an external source.  When you acknowledge your needs within yourself, and clear out what is no longer resonant, you can start to show up for yourself in ways that you were always expecting another to do so, but couldn't.  

Some of these needs include:

* Receiving and Giving Love

* Feeling Acceptance

* Feeling Appreciation

* Receiving our Physical Needs/Care 

* Feeling Understood

* Receiving Empathy

*Feeling Safe (physically & emotionally)

Spending time within each one of these needs and acknowledging them, creates the foundation of healing that you need to cultivate the connection that you desire.   

By saying YES to Activate Your Soul Story you will be able to put together the puzzle pieces of your own childhood story, start to make peace with your past and start to transform the unconscious and limiting stories that are dictating your life and turn them into your Soul Story that will SERVE and EMPOWER you! 


Not only will it empower you as an individual, but it will empower your parenting in ways that you can't even imagine.  You will leave this class with a new understanding and perspective of WHO YOU REALLY ARE.  Your path in life is determined by the thoughts and beliefs you have about yourself.  When you start to shift and clear out the stagnant thoughts and beliefs, your path shifts too! 

Finally being able to SING your Soul Story allows you to move from life and parenting feeling like a battleground to experiencing the playground of POSSIBILITY!  

Your soul is waiting for you to acknowledge and complete your childhood story so that you can finally start living and singing your Soul Story! 

It's TIME to create MAGIC!

What is included in this 2 - 2hr Masterclass?

1) Understanding and Acknowledging what Your Genetic Imprinting Was so that it can be Cleared

2) Inner Child Meditation and Activation Questions

3) Learn How to Program Your Subconscious Everyday

4) Frequency Toning Practice to Activate New Levels of Consciousness

5) Acknowledging Your Childhood Story - Clearing out ANY Distortion - Activating Your Soul Story

"Erin listens to what I had to say and heard me...not just my words.  She identified the key words I spoke that directly aligned to my design.  This was the first time I have felt that I could understand the why behind the way I am!  She didnt judge me or try to go in the direction she wanted to go - I left feeling appreciated, loved and respected for the first time in a long time.  I will work with Erin again!" ~ Elizabeth Beals

"This is a life changer in my opinion and such tool in life I wish more people were exposed to.

I use this every day in my life now and I am so much more aware of my past actions and giving myself grace not knowing what I know now and most importantly using what I’ve learned to benefit the life I want to live from here on out. I also enjoyed listening to others share their experiences and growing together as a group." ~Kelli Childs

"This has been eye-opening in the sense of working and understanding myself more and reprogramming my thoughts. Trying to ask more questions of myself as to why I’m feeling a certain way or certain emotion and then replacing it with a new behavior.  Before this class 

I felt lost in understanding who I was and why I react the way I do to life and now my eyes have been opened in a new way of better understanding who I am!" ~Carolyn Liedou